Audition: Life x 3

Eliot McCann is directing Life x 3 this August, where everyone arrives 24 hours early for a
dinner party. Over an improvised meal, the evening degenerates and there is a hilarious and
poignant examination of personal intimacies and private lodgings.

Auditions are 2pm, May 7, with rehearsals starting from May 23. The season is August 5 to 20. Cast
requirements are as follows (note ages are stage ages only):

* Henri: mid-30s to early 40s. An author/theorist hoping to have a paper published in a scientific
journal. A born worrier, endearingly self-obsessed and consequently not the best dad in the world.

* Sonia: mid-30s to early 40s. Henri’s wife. Patient but not endlessly so. A professional woman
balancing motherhood, career and a burgeoning desire to kick her husband in the pants on an
hourly basis.

* Hubert: mid-40s to mid-60s. Owner of the publication, Henri, is hoping to get his piece in. Slightly
boorish but not overly unpleasant with it. Carries himself with the air of one who thinks they should
have been born royalty.

* Ines: late 20s to early 50s. Hubert’s wife. Glamorous but much more than a trophy-spouse. Suffers
the barbs of Hubert with thinly-veiled contempt but is a very good foil for him. Can occasionally
become an expert on any subject, to the dismay of her audience.

Eliot says: “As you can see, there is a lot of age flexibility for each role; what will be of critical
importance is the jelling of the four characters. How well the actors work together will be the principal
criterion on how the play is cast, not ‘how they look’ alone.”

Audition requirements: Please prepare a piece you are comfortable will demonstrate your acting
abilities. It can be comic or dramatic, as long as it shows you in a favourable light.

You will also be asked to read from the play with fellow auditionees, so please be prepared to stay
back for a few minutes after your audition.

Perusal copies of the script are available upon request. Contact Eliot on or
0439 970 530 to obtain a copy and book your audition.

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