The Men: males, mateship and more

“A roller coaster ride of mateship, attitude, wit, wisdom and pathos” – four old school friends meet for a reunion in a pub. Four displaced men, disposable men, decent men looking back on their lives, their places as men in the world, their identities defined by their roles, their masks.

What happens when the mask is dropped? Who is living behind the tough guy, the conscientious worker, the joker?

The Men is a moving and compelling account of how men cope when the lie is exposed, how the struggle to accept life on life’s terms can become their ultimate undoing.

Written by Chris Dickins and directed by Grant Malcolm, The Men plays at the Old Mill Theatre on June 30, July 1 and 2 and features Conrad Crisfulli, Peter Fry, Fred Lawson and Carmelo Lenzo.

Tickets are $25, $20 concession – book through BOCS on 9484 1133 or

Warning: Some scenes and language may offend. Suitable for audiences 18+

Presented by the Men’s Advisory Network and the Menswork Project, through Drinking Lizard Productions.

For further information please visit the Men’s Advisory Network website.

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