Audition: Daisy Pulls It Off

Auditions for the November-December season of Denise Deegan’s Daisy Pulls It Off will be held at the Old Mill Theatre from 10am to 4pm, Saturday, August 6.

Daisy Pulls it Off is a tongue-in-cheek look at the world of the girls’ private school, of Malory Towers and St Clare’s.

It is the story of a teenage girl, Daisy Meredith, who is from a poor family. Her father has gone missing, and she is brought up by her mother who has to revert to teaching singing lessons to pay the rent.

She wins a scholarship to boarding school and then has to deal with the snobbery and cattiness from the girls who go there. Sybil and Maude take a particular dislike to the heroine of the play  and devise a series of plans to discredit Daisy and get her expelled from school.

Characters required:
Daisy Meredith: daredevil, tomboy, possessed of a brilliant mind, exuberant, quick-witted, fond of practical jokes, honourable, honest, and courageous, scholarship student and new girl at Grangewood school.
Mother: a decent woman struggling to raise her teenage daughter after the disappearance of her husband.
Monica Smithers: school toadie.
Clare Beaumont: head girl and sport captain, a shining example of true British girlhood.
Sybil Burlington: vice-captain of the upper-fourth class and conceited, only daughter of very wealthy parents.
Alice Fitzpatrick: prefect, deputy sports captain and best chum of Clare Beaumont.
Trixie Martin: madcap poet of the upper-fourth class. Becomes Daisy’s best friend forever.
Miss Gibson: young, much-loved headmistress of Grangewood school.
Miss Granville: firm but fair form mistress of the upper-fourth class.
Mademoiselle: scatter-brained French mistress of Grangewood school.
Belinda Mathieson: captain of the form. A good sort.
Winnie Irving: class member of the upper-fourth.
Dora Johnston: class member of the upper-fourth.
Mr Scoblowski: enigmatic Russian music teacher
Mr Thompson: School gardener. A mysterious character.

Some of the characters will be doubled. Many of the scenes will involve all characters being on stage. Daisy Pulls It Off is played as a classic heroic story of the past. The girls and their elders are all “frightfully earnest” and are played that way. An important part of performances will focus on the way the characters are physically played.

Audition Details
The audition will involve readings from the script and you can read a number of roles. There is some singing during the show and you may be asked to sing at the audition, although there is no need to prepare a singing piece.

For the schoolgirl roles, we will audition girls aged 14 and over. Please do not enquire if you are under 14.

“Some of the 14-year-olds may also be too young but I am happy to give them a try. Ideally, I’m looking for girls who look like late teens, 16 to 18,” Sue said.

“Ages for the adult roles are less tricky so I’m happy to consider people who think they fit the bill.”

Auditions can be booked by emailing Susan Lynch at

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