Cast list for Daisy Pulls It Off

Successful auditions for the November-December season of Denise Deegan’s Daisy Pulls It Off, being directed by Sue Lynch, were held in August.

Congratulations go to:

Daisy Meredith              Zoe Cole

Mother                              Seanne Brookes

Monica Smithers           Tallulah Starkie

Clare Beaumont             Rebekah Easton

Sybil Burlington             Zoe Griffin

Alice Fitzpatrick            Bianca Stewart

Trixie Martin                  Sian Chin

Miss Gibson                     Anna Peluso

Miss Granville                Ann Speicher

Mademoiselle                 Seanne Brookes

Belinda Mathieson        To be confirmed

Winnie Irving                  Tahlia Norrish

Dora Johnston                Rebecca Bentley

Mr Scoblowski                 David Champion

Mr Thompson                  Peter Bloor

Daisy Pulls it Off is a tongue-in-cheek look at the world of the girls’ private school, of Malory Towers and St Clare’s.

It is the story of a teenage girl, Daisy Meredith, who is from a poor family. Her father has gone missing, and she is brought up by her mother who has to revert to teaching singing lessons to pay the rent.

She wins a scholarship to boarding school and then has to deal with the snobbery and cattiness from the girls who go there. Sybil and Monica take a particular dislike to the heroine of the play  and devise a series of plans to discredit Daisy and get her expelled from school.

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