UPDATED: Auditions – The Beast and The Beauty

Updated details of what’s required for The Beast and The Beauty auditions have been provided by director Mark DeFriest, below. He says:

I am delighted the Old Mill Theatre has agreed to stage David Stevens’ new play, The Beast and the Beauty, opening on June 22 (season runs until July 14).

Stevens (Breaker Morant, The Sum of Us) has turned this classic fairytale of magic and enchantment on its head, setting it in the Australian outback of the 1880s.  There is no evil spell lifted, no dark curse removed… the Beast isn’t a beast at all – just an ordinary man, horribly disfigured by the Australian nightmare… bushfire.

Initial auditions for this “upside down” love story will be held at the Old Mill Theatre on February 4, 6 and 7.  To receive a copy of the play, please contact Theatre Manager Norma Davis via davisrn@people.net.au or 9367 8719. If you like what you read, book your audition with Norma and she’ll email your audition script.

Roles considered in the initial audition phase include:

Tom: Mid-20s.  A beaut bloke. The classic Australian outback man – think Joe Harmon (Bryan Brown) in A Town Like Alice. Rugged, cheerful, and optimistic. For Tom, the glass of life is always half full. He is also a burns survivor, a bushfire survivor and has hideous scars over much of his face and body. But if his body is scarred, his spirit is cheerfully indomitable. This is a magnificent role, requiring a very fine actor, who is able to dominate the stage. Download the TOM audition piece.

Belle: Early 20s.  Belle is a young woman  almost beaten down by life – and by her father. All of life is a challenge to her, which she meets head-on, even if it means taking on any, and every man, to survive and ultimately win. She is constantly torn between her powerful sense of duty to her father and her eventual love for the disfigured Tom. Download the BELLE audition piece.

Jack: An Aboriginal stockman who works on Tom’s property.  Jack found Tom just after he’d been in a bushfire, barely alive, and nursed him back to… well, a form of health.  Tom calls him “mum”, as he pretty much raised him to run the station that became his, after the fire killed both his parents. Download the JACK audition piece.

Andy: The jackaroo on Tom’s property. Trim, taught – and horny – he’s a good worker but is ruled by his rampaging hormones. Download the ANDY audition piece.

Vicar: A thoroughly decent man and the vicar in the small outback town of Tooraloo.  He was devastated by the decision he had to make 25 years ago about the survival of the burnt Tom. He may have made a bargain with God – along the lines of “take away my faith but let the child live”. Download the VICAR audition piece.

Finlay: Reasonably successful outback storekeeper, who is realistic, fair and honest.  Like the vicar, he is haunted by the decision he had to make regarding Tom’s survival and might do anything to justify that decision and have Tom achieve happiness. Download the FINLAY audition piece.

Irene: Finlay’s wife and as decent as he is.  Salt of the earth, as you might expect, but with a fairly low opinion of the things some men do. Download the IRENE audition piece.

Jessie: A tart with a heart of gold? Well, maybe. Basically, she is cheerful and irrepressible and, like so many, just struggling to survive in a sometimes hostile world.  She knows  she has power over men – but always knows that power won’t last and she’d better make hay while the sun shines. Download the JESSIE audition piece.

Stockmen: A few hard-working station hands on Tom’s sheep station, mostly good blokes. Download the STOCKMEN audition piece.

There are several other minor roles that will be doubled by actors playing some of the parts above.

If the story grabs you… and one of the roles speaks to you… plus you’re willing to give 110% to this world premiere production… then I look forward to seeing you at the auditions.

Mark DeFriest • Director


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