Auditions, auditions, auditions!

THE Old Mill Theatre is auditioning for two plays in the coming months. In both instances, please use the contact details for the directors provided (do not leave a message here on the website).

First up is Ray Lawler’s Australian classic Summer of the Seventeenth Doll, directed by Trevor Dhu.

Auditions: 10am onwards, Saturday, March 7
Callbacks (if necessary): Saturday, March 16
Location: Old Mill Theatre
Season: June 5-20

CAST REQUIRED (all stage ages):
Two women, two men, all late 30s
One woman, about 60ish
One woman, early 20s
One male, young

This compelling play was a success in London and hailed by critics in New York for its vigour, integrity and realistic portrayal of two itinerant cane cutters: Barney, a swaggering little scrapper, and Roo, a big roughneck. They have spent the past 16 summers off with two ladies in a southern Australian city. Every year, Roo has brought a tinsel doll to Olive, his girl, as a gift to symbolise their relationship, but this 17th summer is different somehow. Old patterns must be broken, new ways found, as all four lovers come to face certain unpleasant truths about themselves.

Please contact director Trevor Dhu on 0409 373 374 or email to arrange an audition time and/or for more details.


Also auditioning is the adult drama Wolf Lullaby by Hilary Bell. directed by Alida Chaney.

Auditions: June 1
Location: Old Mill Theatre
Season: July 31-August 14

LIZZIE GAEL, 9 years old
ANGELA GAEL, late 20s/early 30s, Lizzie’s mother
WARREN GAEL, late 20s/early 30s, Lizzie’s father
Please note: one of the female roles is a child but the actor needs to be over 18 and able to play a nine-year-old convincingly.

Is there intrinsic evil in the world? In a bleak, remote town, a small child is murdered. Suspicion falls on nine-year-old Lizzie. Convinced her daughter is guilty, Lizzie’s young mother must make the torturous choice between ignoring her intuition and presenting Lizzie to the police. Lizzie is not the only one who is changed forever by the act. The adults around her, bewildered and full of denial, find their accepted beliefs crumbling around them in a play that explores the sources of violence and its legacy.

Please email director Alida Chaney at for scripts and to arrange an audition time and/or for more details.


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