Auditions for Patrick Marber’s Closer

Auditions for the Patrick Marber play Closer, directed by Trevor Dhu, will be held at the Old Mill Theatre from 10am to 2pm, Saturday March19 (with likely callbacks March 26). Please use the back entrance next to the bowling club.

Trevor notes: “In preference, I need to run all auditionees in rounds, so booking a time is not possible. If the early call of 10am is not possible for you, please let me know and we’ll work around it.”

The cast will need to:

  • Delve deep into their own personal experiences of relationships.
  • Prepare for emotional drain on the actors and commit to the love scenes and switches that occur – there are no half-measures or holding back from working with reality in strong scenes.
  • Accept choreography from Trevor and then add the ”body speak” to cap off the intensities required.

For ALL enquiries, contact Trevor Dhu on 0409 373 374 or


Closer follows four characters in contemporary London as their romantic lives intertwine. Each of the characters pursues their own desires and discovers what happens when these wants come into contact with those of the other characters.

The play is set in London over a period of four years. It dramatically explores complex themes of sexual desire, jealousy and betrayal. More than anything, Closer is a play about its characters – Dan, Alice, Larry and Anna – and what they do to each other. We learn their most intimate thoughts and secrets but, at the same time, almost nothing about their lives beyond the time we spend with them. What little biographical information there is lies scattered throughout the play, with truth and lies often imperceptible from one another.


Alice (early 20s): Alice meets Dan on Blackfriars Bridge after she is hit by a taxi. She has been out clubbing and carries, it seems, all her worldly possessions with her in a rucksack. She is, she says, “a waif”. English accent with a twang of lower class.

Alice gives us a few tantalising – and conflicting – facts about her life. She has been working as a stripper in New York. Her parents apparently died in a car accident. And, on her leg, she carries a distinctive scar, shaped like a question mark. Audition Notes: actors needs to be willing to perform with considerable body speak (as with all actors in this play). Strong dance ability with a sexual premise. She needs to work in various characterisations and levels of dramatic premises: vulnerable, in love and fearful of rejection yet strong enough to walk away.

Dan (mid-to-late 30s): Of all four characters, we can glean the most categorical backstory about Dan. We learn that he is from the suburbs, his mother is dead and his father is in a care home. At the beginning of the play he is in a relationship with Ruth, a linguist, whom we never meet. Dan works as an obituary columnist. He says: “I had dreams of being a writer but I had no voice. What am I saying? I had no talent”. Cultured English accent. Audition Notes: Dan seems to have a romantic magnetism for both female roles and ends up in the middle of all the other characters – then in a void at the end. His ambitions are high but he is too damn straight to achieve them. At one point, he is in love but misses the commitment.

Larry (mid-to-late 30s): Larry’s journey through the play is nicely represented in the discussion about his jumper in the gallery scene: “I’ve never worn cashmere before, I feel like Cinderella at the ball”. He has worked exceptionally hard to become a doctor but still, perhaps, feels a little uncertain of the status the job affords him. He is from a working class background and comes full circle through the play, moving from the NHS to private medicine and back to the NHS again – a journey triggered by falling in love with Anna and wanting to give her the life he believes she deserves. He is a wonderful doctor and subsequently has the observance to make him the most astute of the characters. There are many moments throughout the play where he throws startlingly sharp insights onto situations. Learnt upper-class English accent. Audition Notes: He is a strong character and capable of driving emotional hurt to others without guilt. His language is very strong for one so professional. He drives this very convincingly at Dan and Anna. It appears he is a cruel bastard but he is not – just honest.

Anna (mid-to-late 30s): Anna is a photographer. She takes expensive portraits – first of strangers, then of derelict buildings – to exhibit and sell to an apparent cosmopolitan elite.  Alice, at least, isn’t impressed, describing Anna’s work as a “big fat lie”. Anna also takes corporate jobs, leading her to meet Dan – photographing him for his book jacket. When we meet Anna she’s going through a rather messy divorce. There’s a sense of separation and not quite knowing where she is. Certainly, she isn’t ready to meet someone else. Cultured English accent. Audition Notes: there are some very powerful scenes for this character and certainly one that will require “inside acting”. Anna is subjected to attraction, blame and condemnation that needs to be portrayed realistically.

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