Auditions: Honour – August 13

AUDITIONS for Joanna Murray-Smith’s HONOUR, directed by Dale James, will be held at 2pm Saturday August 13. The season will run October 7-22.

For ALL enquiries, please contact Dale James on 0407 426 957 or email

SYNOPSIS: George and Honor have been happily married for 32 years. They have a perfect understanding of each other until a beautiful female journalist, sent to profile columnist George, methodically sets out to challenge that understanding.

With love, hope and raw emotion, Honour tells this affecting tale of thoughtless conceit from the perspective of the three women involved. The play is about middle class morality where the main players like words more than people.

“The moral imperative of words, their uses and abuses – Honour is a synthesis of words, meaning, rhythm and context is masterful, as is its orchestration and timing.” – Katherine Brisbane AM (Currency Press theatre journalist for 21 years).

CAST REQUIRED (stage ages)

Honor – an elegant, well-spoken woman of 60.

George – an attractive, youthful man, about 60ish.

Sophie – an articulate, young attractive woman, 24 (George and Honour’s daughter).

Claudia – an attractive, young journalist around 30.

Actors will be auditioned as a group with cold reads individually and then as a group of four.


Stage Manager, Lighting Operator, Sound Operator.




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