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Scrooge is a musical play in two acts, based on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, with book and music by James Leisy. Scrooge is visited by the spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Future, who reveal the misery of Christmas for the poor. Auditions will be held 10am, Sunday, September 18.

Director/Musical Director: Justin Freind
Production Manager: Sheila Wileman
Location: Old Mill Theatre
Season: December 2-16 (10 performances, 7.30pm evenings and 2pm Sundays). If season sells out, December 14 may be added.
Production week: You MUST be available for this week on November 28, 29, 30 and December 1.

For an audition time, please email director Justin Freind at or phone 0408 855 458.

• Please bring a current CV with photo attached.
• A CD player will be provided for backing CDs for songs.
• A piano is available but you must provide your own accompanist for auditions.

Audition Requirements:
• All auditionees will be required to do a closed audition.
• In this audition, you will be asked to sing a song and may also be asked to sing a scale or two.
• You may be required to do a script reading depending on your suitability for a character role and at the discretion of the audition panel. If you are not asked to read for the panel this does not mean that you are not being considered for a role or part in the show.

CHARACTERS (singing and speaking roles)
Scrooge: the only heavy part. He appears in every scene, sings two songs alone and sings with entire company on the last song. He must, first of all, be a good actor and his singing voice distinctive rather than pleasant; mean and nasal in his first song, but less so in the second.
Thomas, Richard, Harold (Scrooge’s stooges): they speak little but sing as a trio with Scrooge in one song and alone as a trio in another. These three characters furnish the comic relief for the play so their voices also need not be chosen for beauty.
Fred (Scrooge’s nephew): he sings the show’s first solo and should have a pleasant medium voice with solo quality. Fred also speaks in the first and last scenes.
Marley’s Ghost: speaks in Act I, Scene 2. His speaking is more important than his singing of Clock of Chain, which may almost be chanted. Should have a deep “ghostly” voice.
Spirit of Christmas Past: speaks and sings in Act I, Scene 3. This part requires a soft, gentle female speaking voice and a soprano singing voice.
Spirit of Christmas Present: speaks and sings in Act II, Scene 1. This should be a jolly speaking and singing voice, capable of stylising his solo.
Tiny Tim: child voice. Sings the last solo and speaks in Act II, Scene 1 and 3.

CHARACTERS (speaking roles)
Bob Cratchit: speaks in three of six scenes. Should be a good actor with a pleasant, sincere voice, fairly high to contrast with Scrooge.
Mrs Cratchit: speaks in Act II, Scenes 1 and 3.
Belinda and Martha: both speak in Act II, Scenes 1 and 3.
Peter Cratchit: a teenage boy, who neither speaks nor sings except with the company in the finale.
Topper, Polly and Emily: small speaking parts in the first and last scenes.
First and Second Ladies: both speak in the first and last scenes.
Scrooge (as a boy), Sister Fan, Fezziwig, Dick Wilkins, Scrooge (as a young man) and Scrooge’s Fiancée: all have small speaking parts in Act I, Scene 3.
Spirit of Christmas Future: Neither speaks nor sings. Grim Reaper figure.
First, Second and Third Merchants, Joe the Pawnbroker, The Undertaker’s Assistant, Mrs Filcher, Mrs Dilber: all speak in Act II, Scenes 2 and 3.

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