Cloudstreet auditions: March 25

A sprawling stage adaptation of Tim Winton’s award-winning novel, Cloudstreet chronicles the lives of two working class Australian families – the Pickles and the Lambs – who come to live together in a large house called Cloudstreet in Perth over a period of 20 years from 1943-1963.

This is a stylistic play full of magic and imagination, as well as deep emotion, and should provide a rewarding challenge for actors. The season runs June 15 to July 1.

Auditions will be held on March 25 at the Old Mill Theatre in 15-minute timeslots. Auditionees will be asked to present a monologue and given the opportunity to read from the script. Callbacks may be held if necessary.

To book an audition, contact director Brendan Ellis at with the characters you are interested in and your preferred audition time.


(Note: As Cloudstreet covers a period of 20 years, actors playing members of the two families will be required to show that ageing in their characterisation. The children of the two families begin the play as young children but will be played by the same actors that portray them as adults.)

Sam Pickles: easy going father-of-three, relies on luck rather than hard work. 35+

Dolly Pickles: wife of Sam, mother of the three Pickles children, alcoholic, consumed with despair for much of the play. 30+

Rose Pickles: the hardest worker in the Pickles family, a lot of pressure is placed on her from a young age and she is filled with equal parts love and resentment. 18-30

Ted Pickles: Dolly’s favourite, arrogant and spoiled. Will double-up with ensemble roles. 18-30

Chub Pickles: The youngest Pickles child, largely ignored by the family. Fun-loving and attention-seeking. Will double-up with ensemble roles. 16-25

Lester Lamb: father to the six Lamb children, earnest and hard-working but somewhat naive. Likeable. 30+

Oriel Lamb: matriach of the Lamb family, hard-working and strict but full of love. Has her beliefs challenged throughout the play. 30+

Quick Lamb: intelligent and emotional, takes on the responsibility of helping to care for his brother Fish at a young age, which makes him become quite serious and full of resentment. 18-30

Fish Lamb: ‘drowned’ at age nine but revived by his family, suffers brain damage from the incident and never grows beyond a mental age of about five. Challenging but rewarding role for an actor. 18-30

Hat Lamb: Oldest child of the Lamb family, proud know-it-all. Will double-up with ensemble roles. 18-30

Elaine Lamb: Younger Lamb sister, complains a lot and seeks attention frequently. Will double-up with ensemble roles. 16-25

Red Lamb: Youngest Lamb sister, tomboyish and stubborn. Will double-up with ensemble roles. 16-25

Lon Lamb: Youngest Lamb child, somewhat doted upon. Will double-up with ensemble roles. 16-25

Three or four additional actors will also be required to represent the various supporting characters, many of which have a lot of plot significance and will require emotional strength.

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