Auditions: Last Cab to Darwin by Reg Cribb


Saturday, April 7, from 11am-2pm (and other times and dates as required for follow-ups or second calls) at the Old Mill Theatre, Mends Street, South Perth. Season is June 22-July 7.

These are closed and open auditions, depending on requirements to mix and match preferred roles.

Please contact director Trevor Dhu for script sections to be read on the day – call 0409 373 374 or email

Actors will be expected to double and triple-up, except for Max and Polly.

Roles required

  • 1 male, 50-70 – Max
  • 1 Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander, female – Polly, 40-60
  • 1 Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander, male – Tilly and Pussy Willow Keeper, 20-30
  • 4-6 females to play a variety of roles (various ages)
  • 6-8 males to play a variety of roles
  • 1 female 20s-30 to play nurse and mother (dance or mime required for this role)

This play is written for 8-9 actors playing 32 characters. It is lyrically Australian with some great humour and a very touching story of what is important in life. It is essentially a love story but an adventure, too.

General points

An Australian accent is required but note the accent needs to be natural and not contrived.
The part of Max requires the ability to work closely with Polly and hold down many scenes and monologues.
Scene changes will need cast co-operation to ensure minimum blackouts.
The director is looking for a professional premise and the ability to vary characterisations.


Max, a Broken Hill cab driver, has spent his life avoiding getting close to people. One day, he discovers he is dying of stomach cancer. He doesn’t want to be forced to rely on anyone so he decides to leave his home alone and drive 3000km across the continent to Darwin, where the recently passed euthanasia laws lead him to believe he can be control of his own death. On this epic journey, he does things and meets people who force him to re-evaluate his life. This play was later turned into a 2015 AACTA Award-winning film.

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