Auditions: After You’ve Gone – a horrible comedy- by Sue Ingleton


Saturday, December 8th , from 10 am – 12 pm  at the Old Mill Theatre, Mends Street, South Perth.

There will selected sections to be read and artists interested in auditioning please contact Trevor Dhu on and/or 0409 373 374.

Season: Feb 14 – March 2, 2019

Roles required:

Eliane- Age 45 to 50’s. Dead, a ghost, murdered. Twin sister to Maidey (also played by this artist). Wealthy, care free and loved to break rules.

Maidey- Age 45 to 50’s. Live sister to Eliane. Spinster, cold, loveless and snappy with others.

Joy- Age 45 to 50’s. Widowed, brash, witty and funny. Alcoholic but holds her booze well. Friends with other female characters.

Coral- Age 45 to 50’s. Was married to Harold but not bothered about that. Mother to Brenda and she doesn’t understand her daughter. Great fusspot.

Brenda- Age 17- 20’s. Loves music, dancing, can be a flirt and has the new generational abilities for the post war years.

Harold- Age 50’s to 60’s. Missing since 1941, but really been living in Italy with an Italian woman. Comes back to fix loose ends.

Lucinda- age 20’s. Eliane’s daughter, engaged to American pilot, Chuck. Caught up in the angst with mother and father.

Chuck (Charles)- Age 20’s to early 30’s. Engaged to Lucinda and loves her. Very polite as Americans can be.


1946 – a large country town – the dedication of the Town Square to a dead hero, Harold, is followed by an evening supper and the gathering of survivors of the war. Coral’s home, where the gathering is held, becomes a place of turmoil: her friends, alive and ghostly, appear to cause retribution for the mysterious death of Maidey’s twin sister, Eliane. The arrival of Eliane’s daughter with her American fiancee and the revelations of her mother (a ghost) turn things upside down. As if that wasn’t enough, guess who turns up alive and well – Harold, no.1 murder suspect.

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