The Old Mill Theatre is fortunate to be operating out of one of the most historic buildings in South Perth. It was opened in 1899 as a Mechanics Institute Hall. South Perth Council bought the building in 1913 and renamed it the Mends Street Hall. The council still owns the building, and supports our use of it, re-dedicating it formally to the Old Mill Theatre in 2009. The building first became a home of theatre in 1948, when the South Perth Dramatic Society moved in. The name Old Mill Theatre was first used in 1958, and the company was incorporated in 1959. In 2009, the theatre celebrated its 60th anniversary.

A number of significant changes to the building have occurred over the past few years, with major extensions completed in 2002. An understage tunnel, which links our two backstage dressing rooms, and enables easier access from one side of the stage to the other, was completed in 2008. Bathroom facilities have also been installed backstage as part of this project, which is wholly self-funded.

The Old Mill Theatre is fortunate to have strong support from the City of South Perth. The city undertook major renovations to the exterior of the building in 2008 and the theatre is looking better now than ever before.

We are a not-for-profit organisation. Our directors, actors and other staff do what they do because of a love for theatre – we are all volunteers. We’re very proud of the reputation that we have earned for putting on some of the best live theatre in Perth.

Board of Management

The theatre is governed by a Board of Management. The board consists of nine members elected at an AGM. Members are elected to the board for two-year terms and these are staggered so only four positions are elected each year. Any person who has been a member of the theatre for the previous two years may nominate for a position on the board.
Board members elect executive positions (chair, vice-chair,treasurer, and secretary) at its first meeting of the year. 

The current board comprises:

Katherine Freind (Chairperson), George Boyd (Vice Chairperson)
Sheila Wileman (Treasurer), Judith Gedero (Secretary)
Rex Gray, Sue Hasey, Glen Lewis, Neroli Sweetman.


The Old Mill Theatre (Inc.) is formally registered as an association in the state of Western Australia.  Our constitution can be found here.


To vote at the AGM, you will need to be a current member and all memberships are now based on the calendar year.