Plays – 2016

PLEASE NOTE: While the Old Mill Theatre tries to keep to the advertised program, it is sometimes necessary to alter productions and occasionally dates – please check with the theatre, this website, our Facebook group or your latest newsletter before making any bookings. 


February 2016 – It’s All Greek To Me Too!

Production February 12-27
Play by Noel O’Neill
Director Noel O’Neill and Valerie Dragojevic

Following the smash hit comedy It’s All Greek To Me in 2014, Noel O’Neill brings back the Planks, the Greek-English family living in ’60s London, for even greater hilarity-matched-with-disaster in a sequel. In It’s All Greek To Me Too!, Nicky Plank’s cousin Stavros gets married in Greece and he pays for the wedding. But Circe leaves her husband and returns to London completely disappointed about the domestic conditions in Greece – no hot water, no TV and a house occupied by a goat and chicken.

As a result, she puts a curse on Nicky. With Christmas coming, little money coming in, a pregnant daughter, a son about to get engaged, a suicidal wife, a crooked seer and an eye on the girls in his life, Nicky must find a way to get this curse lifted. READ MORE…


April 2016 – The Habit of Art

Production April 15-23
Play by Alan Bennett
Director Anthony Howes

English composer, conductor and pianist Benjamin Britten, sailing uncomfortably close to the wind with his new opera Death in Venice seeks advice from his former collaborator and friend WH Auden. During this imagined meeting, their first for 25 years, they are observed and interrupted by, among others, their future biographer and a young man from the local bus station. Alan Bennett’s play is as much about the theatre as it is about poetry or music. It looks at the unsettling desires of two difficult men, and at the ethics of biography. It reflects on growing old, on creativity and inspiration, and on persisting when all passion’s spent: ultimately, on the habit of art. READ MORE…


June 2016 – Closer

Production June 10-25
Play by Patrick Marber
Director Trevor Dhu

Closer focuses on the complex relationships, politics and morality of four people trading partners in search of love and lust. It uniquely blends elements of tragedy, comedy and melodrama and challenges audience perceptions at every turn. Playwright Patrick Marber turns upside down the romantic notions of love and sex uniting two people as one and challenges the idealistic notion that total honesty is the best way to preserve a relationship. As the four characters move in and out of relationships – and expose their individual bleak takes on those relationships – the audience sees their self-delusions and futile journeys to find what they really desire in life. Please note: contains strong language and sexual references. READ MORE…


August 2016 – Hail Mary 2: The Haunting

Production August 18-28
Play by Noel O’Neill
Director Noel O’Neill
Assistant Director Valerie Dragojevic 

The Old Mill Theatre’s August season is a joint production with Maverick Theatre Productions and a sequel to Noel O’Neill’s Hail Mary, originally seen in 2014. In Hail Mary 2: The Haunting – again penned by Noel – the convent of Our Lady of the Vines is again under threat but this time it’s a haunting causing concern. Having previously saved themselves from closure by various slightly-questionable means, the nuns again face the threat of closure from the church hierarchy unless the “haunting” can be exorcised The nuns, as is their wont, rally to try and cast out the devil that plagues them – and their efforts lead to some hilarious consequences. READ MORE…


September 2016 – Short play season

Production September 7-10
Play: Moby Dick, written by Michael Green, directed by Sarah Christiner
Play: Under The Rainbow, written and directed by Noel O’Neill
Play: Widow’s Peak, written and directed by Noel O’Neill

October 2016 – Honour

Production October 7-22
Play by Joanna Murray-Smith
Director Dale James

This frank, honest play cannot fail to move anyone who has ever put their trust in another human being. George and Honor have been happily married for 32 years. They have a perfect understanding of each other until a beautiful female journalist, sent to profile columnist George, methodically sets out to challenge that understanding. With love, hope and raw emotion, Honour tells this affecting tale of thoughtless conceit from the perspective of the three women involved. READ MORE…


December 2016 – Scrooge

Production December 2-16
Play by James Leisy
Directors Justin Freind

A musical re-telling of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol closely adapted from the music and screenplay from the 1970 film Scrooge. It follows the classic tale of Ebenezer Scrooge who, through greed, has lost all that is good but undergoes redemption on Christmas Eve after being visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future. Scrooge shows that being prepared to change the things you don’t like about yourself allows you to live a life that is full of more than riches with laughter, friendship, family and goodwill. READ MORE…