The Boys

Notes from the Director: Danni Ashton

The boys has lingered in my mind since I first encountered the film many years ago. I read the play shortly after and from that moment I was hooked.  I have been wanting to present the piece for some time and after several knockbacks because of the content, I am grateful to the Old Mill for taking the risk.  The story, for me, is an extremely important piece of Australian theatre, and an equally important part of Australian history.

I have always been a big fan of crime stories and when I delved further into Gordon Graham’s inspiration for the piece, I was shocked to find out about the monstrous crime committed 24 years ago which claimed the life of Anita Cobby.  Still to this day her murder is classed as the most brutal ever committed in Australian history.

Although the content is similar, the case wasn’t the sole inspiration for the play, but it still makes for an extremely confronting piece of theatre for both the audience and the actors.

Having said that, even though the play has ethically, emotionally and professionally challenged me as a director, I can genuinely say that I am so thankful that I have been able to work with such a committed cast and crew on creating this moving piece of theatre and hopefully giving it the justice it deserves.


Brett Murray Jackson
Glen David Gregory
Stevie David Bruce
Sandra Val Riches
Michelle Julia Hern
Nola Krysia Wiechecki
Jackie Leah Maher


Director Danni Ashton
Assistant Director Molly Sheehan
Production Manager Rohan Mitchell
Properties and Dressing Angela Sullen
Stage Crew Joy Harvey
Ryan Kristensen
Katie MacCuish
Shelley Ormerod
David Wallace
Hayley Lauterbach
Lights Lewis Johnson
Sound Molly Sheehan
Scenic Design Danni Ashton
Hywel Williams
Phil Barnett
Set Construction Rohan Mitchell
Hywel Williams
Phil Barnett
Alistair Mitchell
Lewis Johnson
Scenic Painting Tim Prosser
Rowan Mitchell
Danni Ashton
Costumes Merri Ford