Plays – 2013

PLEASE NOTE: While the Old Mill Theatre tries to keep to the advertised program, it is sometimes necessary to alter productions and occasionally dates – please check with the theatre, this website or your latest newsletter before making any bookings. 

From the first 2013 season onwards, ticket prices will $25, $20 concession for standard plays and $30, $25 concession for musicals. The increase has been deemed necessary due to a number of rising costs.

February 2013 – Secret Bridesmaids’ Business

Production February 1-16
Play by Elizabeth Coleman
Director Mary Wolfla

If you knew a secret that could shatter a bride’s dream the night before her wedding, would you tell? That’s the premise of the Old Mill Theatre’s first production for 2013, Secret Bridesmaids’ Business, written by Elizabeth Coleman and directed by Mary Wolfla. The popular comedy is set the night before Meg Bacon’s wedding in a hotel with her mother and bridesmaids, ready for one last night of girlie fun. But one lie could change everything – and the bridesmaids have to decide whether to reveal a secret about the groom. MORE…

April 2013 – No Bed of Roses

Production April 5-20
Play by Noel O’Neill
Director Noel O’Neill

Never invite someone into your home without considering the consequences – especially if you’ve confused lust for love. Set in early 1960s London, the black comedy No Bed of Roses comes to the Old Mill Theatre this April and explores what happens when a controlling woman invites a stranger into her house and life. She thinks she loves him and demands her husband accept the situation but, without realising who the stranger really is or what he wants, circumstances spiral out of control. MORE…

June 2013 – Born Yesterday

Production May 31-June 15
Play by Garson Kanin
Director Noel O’Neill

An uncouth, corrupt rich junk dealer, Harry Brock, brings his showgirl mistress Billie Dawn with him to Washington DC. When Billie’s ignorance becomes a liability to Brock’s business dealings, he hires journalist Paul Verrall to educate his girlfriend. In the process of learning, Billie realises how corrupt Harry is and begins interfering with his plans to bribe a Congressman into passing legislation that would allow Brock’s business to make more money. MORE…

August 2013 – A Conversation

Production August 2-17
Play by David Williamson
Director Brendan Ellis

Australia’s most respected contemporary playwright, David Williamson, turns his pen to issues of crime and punishment in A Conversation. He takes the audience on a compelling, if sometimes discomfiting, journey into the minds of people affected by a horrific crime as the family of a rapist and murderer are confronted by the family of his victim. MORE…

September/October 2013 – No Exit, The Dumb Waiter & Snow and Ash (one-act play season)

Production September 19, 20 & 22 and October 3, 4 & 5

No Exit by Jean Paul Sartre, adapted by Chris Thomas
Directors Maree Grayden (with Chris Thomas)

A depiction of the afterlife where three dead characters are punished by being locked into a room together for eternity – this is the play that coined the phrase “hell is other people”. MORE…

The Dumb Waiter by Harold Pinter
Director Susie Conte

There’s Gus and Ben. A basement in Birmingham. Two men await instructions for the next job. Gus needs matches. Ben has a newspaper. Both men have revolvers. MORE…

Snow and Ash by Noel O’Neill
Director Valerie Dragojevic

Two clowns from a travelling circus have been left behind. They are in a dictatorial country with no liberty or freedom of speech… MORE…

Please note: No Exit will not be performed on October 4 and 5 – it will be replaced by Jerome McDonough’s Juvie , directed by Vanessa Jensen. Set in a juvenile detention centre, young suspects come out of their cells to tell why and how they were caught. MORE…

September 2013 – ITA Dramafest weekend

Production September 27-28

Dramafest is a weekend of one-act (short) plays run by the Independent Theatre Association. This weekend is essentially a competition that seeks to showcase the best of the state’s talent. The weekend is adjudicated by a well-known judge. Details at and

November/December 2013 – Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

Production November 29-December 14
Play by Limelight Scripts
Director Neroli Burton
Musical director Katherine Freind

The family pantomime Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs comes to the Old Mill Theatre this November and December, providing a cavalcade of songs, visual comedy, slapstick and audience participation. It’s  a fresh take on an old favourite – Snow White is still the fairest of them all and her wicked stepmother is still ready to use a poisoned apple on her. But when she seeks refuge with the seven dwarfs, they’re a little different and go by the names of Prof, Drippy, Dozy, Beaky, Merry, Titch and Bigmouth. MORE…